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Max Local Marketing has proprietary software that allows us to track real human beings’ (not robots) behavior online and match their recent patterns and searching behaviors.  We can create weekly lists of data that are based on real time searches of keywords, URL-level navigation, content consumption, and social behavior.  With this type of information, we can reduce wasteful ad spending and ensure your message is being put in front of the people – people who are “In-Market” for your Firm’s services.  Learn more below about how we use Data with Paid Ads, along with how our SEO and Website Development are the best in the business.

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InMarket Targeting

Using Data from Major Search Engines and Social Media Platforms


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What Is

In-Market Targeting?

Imagine this…You have a room full of 1,000 people who represent your entire market. Out of that room only 30 are actually ready to move forward with finding a Lawyer.


Could you pick them out of the room? How could you tell who was ready to list and who was going to do it in months, years, or maybe never?

This illustrates the problems with marketing today. You have to target the entire room evenly because any one of them could be your ideal client.

But what if you could pick out the 30 from that room… and ONLY market to those people?

You’d be able to show more ads to them than your competitors, you’d be top of mind and the first choice when they pull the trigger. 

Our proprietary technology allows us to do just that. We can identify by internet behavior who is In-market and market to them on any channel online or offline because we know them by name.

This allows us to produce profitable case leads that you cannot get elsewhere. No more days of wasted clicks and expensive marketing campaigns that yield little to no results.


Because of our unique In-Market Software, we can only take one client per area.  Please set up a call soon before your market area is taken!

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